Q:    How do I apply to join The Markets Wanniassa? 

A:    There is a link to the application form on our website www.themarketswanniassa.com .  Please read the terms and conditions at the end of the application before submitting.


Q:    What else do I need to do to join The Markets Wanniassa?

A:    You will be asked to complete a ‘Makers Bio’ form, the information will be used to introduce you to customers and will appear on our website.  A copy of your logo (if you have one), a photo of yourself, and a few favourite images of your products will also be requested. Information on any social media links and your website address will also be required. You will need to sign a contract with The Markets Wanniassa prior to stocking your goods in store.  You will also need to provide business cards.


Q:    Who prices my stock?

A:    You are required to cost your products, bearing in mind The Markets Wanniassa will deduct 10% plus GST (or another negotiated amount) of each sale.  When delivering/sending your products you will need to include a list of products for each delivery/parcel and the cost of each item.  The Markets Wanniassa will put prices on the products (using a barcode system) however you are responsible for costing your item.


Q:    When do I get reports on my sales?

A:    Reports will be generated for each business on a monthly basis, due on 10 of each month. If you require more frequent reports we are happy to discuss this with you. 


Q:    Will there be the same products as mine stocked by other businesses at The Markets Wanniassa?

A:    All care is taken to ensure your products are unique. We aim to provide a range and variety for customers to choose from, not replicas of the same products.  There will be some crossovers however (ie succulents planted in different pot styles).


Q:    When do I pay my access fee?

A:    Your access fee is paid monthly in advance by bank deposit (unless alternative arrangement has been made, it is due on the 1st of each calendar month.)


Q:    When does The Markets Wanniassa pay me?

Accounts will be balanced and payments will be made on the 10th day of each month.  If you require more regular payments we are happy to discuss.


Q:    Do I need insurance?

A:    The Markets Wanniassa has public liability insurance, you do not need public liability insurance as well.  The Markets Wanniassa is not responsible for your products should they be faulty or cause harm. It is recommended you obtain product insurance, however it is not essential. If you do not have Product insurance you will be required to agree to taking responsibility for your products as part of the application process.


Q:    What is the difference between Public Liability Insurance and Product Insurance?

A:    Public Liability insurance covers accidents and mishaps within store.  Product Insurance covers you, the creator for any damage or harm caused by your products.



Q:     What costs are involved in being part of The Markets Wanniassa?

A:    Each contributor is given the opportunity to individually negotiate terms with The Markets Wanniassa, and details of each negotiation are a private arrangement, included in a contract for each party to sign. The Table below provides basic information about the Access Fee and what it includes.

Q:    How long can I sell my products at The Markets Wanniassa?

A:    Initially each contributor will be required to commit to a 3month contract to stock their products at The Markets Wanniassa. At the end of the 3 months the contract will automatically switch to a month to month contract.  


Q:    What if I don’t want to continue my contract?

A:    If either party no longer wish to continue the terms of the contract after the initial 3 month period, notification in writing of no less than 1 month is required.  A detailed count of stock being returned will be required at the end of the contract period.


Q:    What is the Access fee?

A:    The access fee is a fee paid to The Markets Wanniassa to cover the following:

Space used to stock your items in store

Stock rotation and inclusion in mixed displays throughout the store

Consumables (carry bags, labels, signage, price tags)

Promoting of your business and products – makers bio with links to your website, social media pages included on The Markets Wanniassa website.

Advertising of The Markets Wanniassa, including social media, mainstream media, flyers and other sources.

Generating reports of stock movement and sales of your products

General admin associated with selling your products.

Regular feedback and suggestions based on customer responses and requests.


Q:    Why do I have to pay a percentage of my sales to The Markets Wanniassa?

A:    The Markets Wanniassa provides access to your products 6 days a week, 8 hours a day at a minimum. The 10% of your sales is contribution to staffing costs.  


Q:    What are The Markets Wanniassa’s opening hours? 

A:    Initially The Markets Wanniassa will be open Tuesday to Sunday (closed Monday) from 10am – 6pm. These hours are subject to change in the future. Trading hours will likely extend to allow for evening classes (6-8pm), and if required will open on Mondays too.


Q:    Do I have to be a local handmade business to apply to The Markets Wanniassa?

A:    No. We accept applications for handmade businesses Australia wide.  Items are to be made in Australia, with the exception of innovative Australian concepts that are able to demonstrate their products are manufactured in socially conscious conditions.  


Q:    Can I sell food items at The Markets Wanniassa?

A:    Unfortunately The Markets Wanniassa does not have the required licences and permits to sell perishable food items in store. Non perishable items may be considered on an individual basis.


Q:    How will The Markets Wanniassa ensure my products are safe?    

A:    Every care is taken to minimize theft of your products, including the installation of a monitored CCTV camera system. 


Q:    Do I need an ABN to sell my goods at The Markets Wanniassa?

A:    No. However The Markets Wanniassa recommends you register your business name with ASIC which does require obtaining an ABN. Registering your business name protects you from others using your business name. If you do not have an ABN, by law The Markets Wanniassa is required to have you complete a ‘Statement by Supplier’ form, which will be kept in store as part of your business filing.


Q:    Can I add new products to my range at The Markets Wanniassa during my contracted period?

A:    Yes you can, provided The Markets Wanniassa has approved their inclusion.  This is to reduce multiple stockists of the same product in store.


Q:    How do I keep up to date with information at The Markets Wanniassa?

A:    The Markets Wanniassa has a private Facebook group, information is shared on this page about promotions, sales, advertising and various other events.


Q:    How do workshops and classes work at The Markets Wanniassa?

A:    There is a separate FAQ sheet to answer all of your questions about our classes.


Q:    Does The Markets Wanniassa buy products wholesale?

A:    In certain circumstances The Markets will consider purchasing goods on a wholesale basis. The decision to accept wholesale goods is at the discretion of The Markets Wanniassa. Enquiries for wholesale ordering should be directed to apply@themarketswanniassa.com


Q:    How can I contact The Markets Wanniassa?

A:    The Markets Wanniassa is contactable by email fiona@themarketswanniassa.com , via messenger on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/themarketswanniassa or by telephone 0407104935 or 02 6231 8065. Our physical and postal address is Shop 15/12 Sangster Place Wanniassa ACT 2903


Q:    Why does my Access Fee include GST?

A:    The Markets Wanniassa is required by law to charge GST (Goods and Services Tax) on the Access Fee because it is a Service. The GST is paid to The Taxation Office, it is not kept by The Markets Wanniassa. If you are registered to pay GST you can claim it back when doing quarterly BAS.