By lodging an application for The Markets Wanniassa, you confirm that you have read and accepted the following important information. 


  • The Markets Wanniassa supports local and Australian businesses, so only accepts handmade goods made within Australia – with the exception of unique and innovative products designed within Australia. Each application will be assessed on its merits.  The decision to accept applications is solely at The Markets Wanniassa’s discretion, and all decisions are final.  Applications are welcome anytime.

  • Successful applicants will be required to enter a contract with The Markets Wanniassa for a minimum period of 3 months, with the Access Fee payable by 1 of each calendar month - monthly.  This covers the space your products use in store, consumables such as carry bags, price tags/stickers, utilities and rotation of stock/restocking as required.  The access fee and percentage deducted from sales will be negotiated individually and details of each contract will not be discussed with a third party. 

  • The Markets Wanniassa must approve all products for sale in store.  This includes any products added to your range within your contracted time.  The Markets Wanniassa will NOT stock any item which uses licenced images or materials (eg Frozen, Mickey Mouse), without exception.

  • Each stockist is responsible for maintaining stock records when delivering goods to the store.  A list of items sold will be available to you on request, and will be generated calendar monthly, sent to you on 10 day of the following month.

  • You will be required to provide business cards which will be displayed at Point Of Sale.

  • The Markets Wanniassa will not stock the same item from different makers (eg two Tea brands at the same time) if you take the full amount of space which is offered to you in store. In return, The Markets Wanniassa requires stock levels to be maintained in store.  The Markets Wanniassa realizes some stockists attend local markets. As long as an aesthetically pleasing display remains in store, we support stock being removed and returned for markets.  

  • You are not permitted to provide another person’s goods for sale in The Market Wanniassa.  Each maker must apply to participate in The Markets Wanniassa

  • It is the responsibility of each stockist to set prices for their products.  The Markets Wanniassa will provide feedback on pricing but it is your choice how to structure pricing for your goods.

  • If a faulty product is returned, The Markets Wanniassa will provide the customer’s choice of refund or replacement.  If a refund is provided, the cost of refund will be passed on to you.

  • The access fee is to be paid monthly in advance, preferably by bank transfer.  Failure to pay the access fee will result in payment for sold goods being withheld to recover the unpaid access fee.

  • The Markets Wanniassa will retain a percentage (most commonly 10%) of sales, and pay you the balance from the sale of your goods

  • The Markets Wanniassa does not tolerate disrespectful or aggressive behaviour, either in store on via social media. Not abiding by this may result in your contract being terminated and your products being removed from The Markets Wanniassa. 

  • While every attempt will be made to reduce theft and damage at The Markets Wanniassa (including video surveillance) The Markets Wanniassa is not responsible for theft of and damage to your goods.